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Cavan, Ireland – Mastek, a leading provider of low emissions slurry equipment and applicators, is proud to announce the release of its latest innovation , the Flexi Trailing Shoe.


Designed to address the concerns of farmers who have been struggling with the limitations of traditional trailing shoe applicators, the Flexi Trailing Shoe offers a lightweight, low-emission solution that is perfect for hilly or uneven fields and for farmers with low horse power tractors .


According to Paul Quinn, Mastek’s managing director, the Flexi Trailing Shoe was developed in response to the feedback received from farmers and to have as a simpler option to our Successful Micro and Echo Trailing Shoe . “Farmers are concerned because the new TAMMS 3 scheme has not  included Dribble Bars, which mean that they have to purchase trailing shoes. However, traditional trailing shoes are not suitable for all farms, particularly those with hilly or uneven fields and stoney fields and for farmers with  small horsepower tractors”.


To address these concerns, Mastek’s engineers set out to create a new type of trailing shoe that will satisfy all the requirements of farmers while also reducing emissions and meeting the TAMS 3 specifications which states that the equipment must “Split the grass and place the slurry directly onto the soil.”


The result is the Flexi Trailing Shoe, a lightweight applicator that can be door or chassis mounted and weighs less than 500 kg. It is equipped with a heavy lay flat hose, a rubber booth and coulter that will split the grass and place the slurry directly onto the soil. It also has a boom breakaway for safety.

The Flexi Trailing Shoe also features Mastek’s SuperCut Macerator which has been proven to be a major success here in Ireland and all over Europe. The FlexiShoe will be eligible for a 60% Grant as a retrofit or with a new tanker, to a maximum costing of € 40,000. All farmers with less than 170 Units of Nitrogen will be eligible for the funding.

Like Mastek PUDB range the Flexi Trailing Shoe will be available in 7.5m / 10.2m and later in the year Mastek will introduce the Flexi Trailing Shoe concept to wider applicators and Umbilical range.



“This innovative product is another game-changer for the industry just like our door mounted PUDB when launched in 2012. It will provide farmers with a cost sensitive, reliable, efficient, and low-emission solution that is suitable for a wide range of farming applications,” said Paul Quinn. “We believe that the Flexi Trailing Shoe will help farmers to achieve their sustainability goals while also enhancing their productivity and profitability.”

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