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Green Bedding is the use of Separated Undigested Fibre from livestock manure, directly from a separator, as a bedding material for dairy cow cubicles.

Thanks to its tried-and-tested optimised technology, the SEPCOM separator provides a consistent dry matter percentage of at least 36% whilst maintaining a reliable and highly efficient separation.

SEPCOM Bedding is an innovative screw press solids-liquid separator.
Thanks to its special features like the compensator hopper tank, the self-adjusting pneumatic pressor and its long-life components, SEPCOM Bedding can be a standalone solution for green bedding purposes.


Benefits of Green Bedding

  • Increased cow comfort
  • Clean udders and feet
  • Can lead to reduction in SCC and Mastitis
  • Softer bedding reduces hock sores
  • Improved cow mobility
  • Drier passageways
  • Dust free – improved breathing for cows and staff
  • Readily available Cost effective
  • Can be used in cubicles or deep beds

Green Bedding system components

SEPCOM Green Bedding Separator

Control Systems