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Idrofoglia – irrigation systems, presented by Mastek in Ireland.
Save your harvest during dry weather, reach every centimeter of your land, and reduce costs per irrigated hectare with Idrofoglia’s advanced irrigation system. Experience better water resource management and minimal environmental impact for thriving crops and a sustainable future.
  • Lower cost per irrigated hectare
  • Better use of water resources
  • Less environmental impact
Hose drum with core in calendered sheet (it does not damage the PE hose but ex- tends its duration), internal rays that allow the use of the machine also in extreme conditions.
Powder painted sheet guards for a longer duration.
All drives are in the same side of the ma- chine to facilitate the movements of the operator.
Gearbox-turbine with the best performances of its category.
Adjustable and demountable tow-eye, mechanical folding staker leg to facilitate the movements and lateral stabilizer staker legs

Turbocar Smart – hose reel irrigator with turntable 360°equipped with:

  • Galvanized frame and painted reel
  •  Mechanical parts painted with RAL 5017
  • Flanged turbine on the gearbox, speed control
  • and compensator
  • Gearbox single speed on ‘G1.1’, 3 speeds on models
  • G1 and G2, with automatic drive disengagement, device for
  • rewinding through PTO and rewinding out of the drum
  • Leadscrew hose layering device
  • 3 wheels sprinkler trolley with adjustable track
  • Mechanical trolley lift and staker leg operations
  • Drawbar with connection adjustable in height (except on models G1.1 and G1), mechanical jack and lateral staker legs
  • Sectoring sprinkler with set of nozzles
  • Supply hose 4 mt. with female ball joint on line side
  • Water inlet from turbine side
Galvanized two-bar with removable jack and adjustable two-eye.
Wheels with adjustable semi-axle in width.
Lowered shaft pump (better suction capacity).
Diaphragm manual self priming pump
Galvanized staker legs (removable)

Turbopump. LDP

  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT (2-4 cylinders):
    two tyre frame with incorporated fuel tank of 70 lt. Staker legs, standard electric starting with battery, switchboard and suction and delivery flanges on the pump


IdroMOP is electronic control unit dedicated to the management of irrigation systems. It allows in a simple and intuitive way to control every phase of the irrigation process, from the fishing phase to the sprinkler, passing through the management of the motor pump and the hose reel machine.