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Mastek Bauer SX 2000 Engine Set

The Mastek Bauer SX2000 Engine Set is specially designed for servicing drag- hose systems. It can handle up to 12% solids with capacity of up to 300 m3/h (1320 USgpm) with manometric head of up to 140 m (459 ft). It is capable or chopping large solid particles while efficient and economical. It also has a low operating cost with easy maintenance.

  • Engine type: 200hp (150kw) 6 cylinder engine 50 kPa
  • High Vacuum Petrol Engine Primer which ensures enormous suction capacity
  • Pump directly coupled to diesel engine
Mastek mechanical seal as standard
Fully enclosed cabin painted with 2 pack paint

Optional Extras

  • Fully Remote Control system within 3 km
  • Double Flow Meters with Smart Spread live
  • Digital Pressure Switch in case of hose burst