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Mastek Combi Injector

The Combi Injector is capable of injecting up to depth of 550mm and each leg is at 600mm centres. This gives very successful results if used prior to planting maize and other deep root plants. Using our Mastek Super-Cut Macerator technology this machine injects the liquid manure evenly through a hard wearing feed steel tube down the back of each leg while it subsoils at the same time.

It has a top telescopic swing arm ensures that no damage occurs to the drag hose when turning. This swing arm is designed close to the back of the tractor which prevents pulling the tractor sideways when turning, which will minimise field damage.

Heavy duty galvanised frame
Hydraulic retractable roller
All moving parts are greaseable
4 and 5 leg combi injector
All liquid manure parts are 100% galvanised

Optional Extras

  • Smart Spread Flow meter compatible with 10″ Tablet or ISOBUS
  • Shark Fin Packer