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Mastek Super Cut Macerator

In 2012, Mastek realised that no macerator on the market was capable of handling any poorly managed slurry in Ireland and across Europe. Seeing this, we designed the Mastek SuperCut Macerator. After 4 years of development, we have sold over 4,000 units on our own applicators. Building on this success, we launched our new Mastek SuperCut Macerator Gen 2. We are selling this Super Cut Macerator as a commercial unit to other applicator manufacturers and to farmers that have purchased other macerators that are not fit-for-purpose. The Mastek SuperCut Macerator Gen 2 is very similar to our original product but includes improvements around maintenance and manufacturing processes.

Like the original SuperCut Macerator, the Gen 2 will macerate and distribute evenly with our 48 outlet macerator, even on the most hilly conditions. This is achieved by our air breather one-way valves, which are uniquely placed above every outlet pipe. This valve sucks in the air as the serrated knife-cutters pass by each outlet, allowing the slurry to flow without resistance or air-locking. This system gives a ±98% accurate distribution. Each sideplate screen can be supplied with various hole sizes to increase and decrease the slurry flow.

Rotating Hub
Knife cutters
Easy access door
High Torque Drive Motor
Double lip seals
Hydraulic oil isolation block

Mastek Super Cut Macerator


Designed & Proven to operate with even flow in extreme conditions

The Mastek SuperCut Gen 2 Macerator greatly reduces time and effort needed to service. The macerator no longer has seized bolts holding the screen in place – they are simply clamped by the sideplate that the outlet tubes are fixed to. The screens are now double-sided, giving customers twice the wearing time before they need to be replaced. This simple design reduces the service time from hours down to minutes. This helps dramatically reduce the downtime and labour cost for farmers and contractors when servicing their system.