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Vertical Dribble Bar Umbilical / Drag hose

The Mastek Vertical Dribble Bar/Drag Hose is designed to allow precise application of slurry to grassland and crops with the minimum of crop disturbance. Our machines are specifically designed for Umbilical (Drag-Hose systems) . Vertical Dribble Bar can operate with or without its 800m/1200m quick release reel. The 8m systems have spring-loaded hinge arms. The 10m and 12m systems have a uniquely designed strong 180° hinging system, which gives it minimum height in transport.


Optional Extras

  • Smart Spread Flow meter compatible with 10″ Tablet or ISOBUS
  • Single splashplate
  • Wireless rear camera
  • LS load-sensing hydraulic system
  • Touch screen operating system
  • Can be supplied with Skate Board for JD Harvest Lab

Vertical Dribble Bar

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Product Specifications

Working WidthTransport HeightClosed WidthNo. of OutletsWeightDepth