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Mastek offer a complete turn key mobile separator available on a galvanised skid with or without a fully stainless steel auger to elevate the solid material into a trailer or bunker.

The advantages of a mobile separator are farmers or contractors can move between farms and between locations on a certain farm to separate different stores, tanks. For example a separator could be alternated between two farms.

Maintenance and cleaning is made easier as the separator is at ground level rather than tools and screens needing to be raised and lowered from a gantry.

Mobile Slurry Separator

  • Weight – 535 kg
  • Max. Throughput – 65 m3/h
  • Diameter – 260 mm
  • Power – 5.5 kW


  • Single or three phase options
  • Choice of separators (either a 045 260-2 to cater for farms up to 300 cows or a 065 260-3 to cater for farms up to 1000+ cows)
  • PCP progressive cavity pump to feed the separator
  • Fully stainless steel auger system replacing the need for a gantry
  • Stainless steel liquor tank and sump pump to pump the separated liquid to another tank, store or lagoon.
  • Galvanised skid with pallet fork slots
  • Control panel to look after every aspect of the machine with a single plug to allow easy and quick movement to different locations.
  • Mains or generator powered
* Note this type of separator cannot separate sand laden slurry *

Mobile Slurry Separators

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