12m Twin Macerator Dribble Bar/Band Spreader

  • The Strongest and Most Modern Slurry Product?Available.
  • Demanded by Professional Contractors.
  • 80% Saving on your Fertiliser Costs

Our 12 metre Dribble Bar/Band Spreader applicator can be used with an 1,000/1,200 metre quick release hose reel. It has a spread plate option if the slurry is not suitable for the dribble bar/band spreader.

Our Dribble Bar/Band Spreader has an unique fold and lifting hinge system on the arms. This allows the arms to be level when in use, but when folded into transport mode the arms retract and lift hydraulically. Our Dribble Bar/Band Spreader also has excellent visibility in cab for rolling up the hoses.

This product was specially designed for customers spreading slurry on growing crops. The reason for the twin macerator is when the operator is turning on the headlands, he can turn off the inside macerator and let the full flow of slurry to the outside macerator. This avoids the typical problem of using a single macerator, where too much slurry is spread on the headbands, which leads to crop damage.

Like all of our slurry equipment, it is 100% galvanized.