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Mastek FlexiShoe

Designed to address the concerns of farmers who have been struggling with the limitations of traditional trailing shoe applicators, the FlexiShoe offers a lightweight, low-emission trailing shoe that is perfect for hilly or uneven fields. Can be door or chassis mounted.

  • Parts the grass and places the slurry directly onto the soil.
  • Has a Rubber Boot and Coulter which splits the grass
  • Fits any tanker
  • Integrated Mastek Supercut Macerator
  • Upgraded knife Hydraulic gate valve
  • Equipped with a heavy lay flat hose
  • Hydraulic folding mechanism
  • Spring-loaded hinged arms
  • Bolt-on retrofit – no welding required
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 100% galvanized
  • Easy access stone trap
  • LED Lights

Optional Extras

  • 3-point linkage
  • Different screen sizes to increase or decrease the flow rate
  • Can be supplied with Skate Board for JD Harvest Lab
  • Smart Spread Flow meter compatible with 10″ Tablet or ISOBUS

Product Specifications

Working WidthTransport HeightClosed WidthNo. of OutletsWeightDepth
8m (2-stage fold)2.8m2.7m30525kg1m
9.2m (2-stage fold)2.8m2.7m32555kg1m