This unique patented Mastek design allows the Professional Universal Dribble Bar (PUDB) to be retrofitted onto any slurry tanker without welding or fabricating.

Professional Universal Dribble Bar (PUDB) applies slurry directly onto the soil surface. This approach helps to cut emissions and to minimize grass contamination. The dribble bar is the best low-emission method. The nitrogen losses and grass contamination compared with splash plate are reduced as the slurry is deposited in lines.


  • Fitted with Mastek Supercut Macerator with 28 outlets
  • Fits any tanker
  • Hydraulic folding mechanism
  • Spring-loaded hinged arms
  • Bolt-on retrofit – no welding required
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Existing splash plate can be attached
  • 100% galvanized
  • One extra hydraulic service required
  • Easy access stone trap
  • LED Lights
  • 3-point linkage umbilical attachment Anti-drip system
  • Different screen sizes to increase or decrease the flow rate


Product Specifications

  • Weight  400 – 450kg
  • Available in 6.5m, 7m and 8m variants.
  • The Universal Dribble Bar/Band Spreader can also be supplied with an attachment to be used with an umbilical system.