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Twin Macerator Umbilical Flexi Trailing Shoe

available in 12m, 15m (2- and 3-stage fold), 16m (2- and 3-stage fold) & 18m (3-stage fold).

  • Two Mastek SuperCut Micro macerators
  • Double door access to macerator with stone trap
  • Fits any tanker with linkage
  • LS load sensing hydraulics come as standard
  • Hydraulic break-away arms
  • Lightweight and durable
  • LED Lights

Optional Extras

  • Touch screen operating system
  • Splashplate
  • Smart Spread Flow meter compatible with 10″ Tablet or ISOBUS
  • Can be supplied with Skate Board for JD Harvest Lab
  • Quick Release 800m or 1200m Reeler

Twin Macerator Umbilical Flexi Trailing Shoe

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Product Specifications

Working WidthTransport HeightClosed WidthNo. of OutletsWeightDepth
15m (2-stage fold)4.3m2.35m561750kg1.2m
15m (3-stage fold)3.4m2.35m561800kg1.2m
16m (2-stage fold)4.6m2.35m561900kg1.2m
16m (3-stage fold)3.4m2.35m561950kg1.2m
18.15m (3-stage fold)3.5m2.35m722300kg1.2m